Credentialing | Payer Enrollment | Privileging 

The word credentialing is used to mean three categories of work as identified in the slide below. Every organization has its own flavor to these three areas. So when a Healthcare organization hires someone for credentialing, it is important they know the kind of team or individual they are hiring for "credentialing" and most importantly, which area of work is important for their business. We provide comprehensive services for all three areas of work.


Payer Enrollment:

Payer enrollment is a tedious and challenging task where accuracy is paramount. Indeed, even the smallest oversight in an application can interrupt and delay the entire process resulting in deferred payments.

You have enough to manage, why waste your time attempting to sort out every payer's credentialing process. Our credentialing specialists’ expertise can effortlessly guide your organization through the entire credentialing process without worry. We support a vast number of providers nationwide and we would love to simplify your efforts as well. Regardless of whether you're a medical clinic, specialty practice, skilled nursing facility or hospital.  Our approach is anything but a one-size-fits-all methodology as we know that each organization is unique with a different set of considerations that we need to address. Our team is bolstered by experienced credentialing experts poised to anticipate potential issues and troubleshoot roadblocks to ensure your providers are credentialed rapidly. This experience, supported by our innovative platform, positions our organization as a leader in the credentialing and payer enrollment space. Below are some of the services we do as a part of our Payer Enrollment Services.

  • Provider Enrollment & Credentialing Services
  • Individual & Group Medicare Enrollment
  • Medicaid Enrollment for Group & Individual
  • Insurance Contract Negotiations
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine Credentialing
  • Medical License Application Processing & Renewals
  • DEA Registration & Renewals
  • CAQH Registration & Enrollment