OIG/GSA (SAM) Exclusion Monitoring

All healthcare organizations are required to comply with CMS Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Laws. Office of Inspector General (OIG) is tasked with enforcing these laws.

There are 5 Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Laws:

  • Physician Self-Referral Law
  • Anti-Kickback Statute
  • False Claims Act
  • Civil Monetary Penalties Law
  • Exclusion Authorities

Risks of non-compliance:

  • Civil Monetary Penalties
  • Criminal Penalties
  • Exclusion from Medicare and Medicaid

One way to comply with CMS Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Laws is to regularly check the OIG List of Excluded Individuals and Entities monthly. HIPAA watchdog provides comprehensive Exclusion Monitoring to meet the exclusion criteria for Employees and Vendors. In addition OIG / GSA / SAM Exclusion Monitoring, HIPAA Watchdog can validate your employees and vendors against Medicaid Exclusion and Preclusion List.